The employees of Bristol Hospice are dedicated to the premise that “every patient matters to the last moment of their life”.

All Bristol Hospice locations across the country have achieved and received CHAP accreditation. Bristol Hospice ~ Miami-Dade is currently in process to become a CHAP accredited provider.

CHAP accreditation publicly certifies that an organization has voluntarily met the highest standards of excellence for home and community-based health care.

  • Hospice Care

    Considered to be the model for quality, compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury, hospice care involves a team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, and...
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  • Bright Moments

    Dementia Care: Redefined Bright Moments is a program of care specifically designed for patients with end-stage dementia (ESD). It is based on the belief that more can be done...
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  • Perfect Harmony

    The Facility / Hospice Partnership Regularly scheduled meeting with Bristol Hospice and Facility to coordinate care plans Mutual respect dominates Care Providers routinely share knowledge Hospice Care Team and...
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  • Sweet Dreams

    Learning from the patient/family the history of any evening or bedtime rituals. Learning and assessing the patient’s likes, dislikes, and wishes regarding creation of a soothing and comfortable sleep...
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  • Namaste Program

    The Namaste program places full focus on each patient living this day to the fullest. All Namaste Care is tailored to the individual being served and is designed to improve the quality of life...
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  • We Honor Veterans Program

    Hospice professionals across the country focus on a single purpose: to provide comfort and support at the end of life. That’s why America’s hospice professionals are on a mission to learn...
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